Electric Vehicle Adoption Playbook

Enhance your own electric vehicle (EV) strategic roadmap and understand how meter data can help you be ready for big changes on the horizon.

Boston Consulting Group estimates, if current projections hold, that EVs could create $3 to $10 billion in new value between now and 2030 for an average energy business with 2 to 3 million customers.

In less than 10 years, analysts predict 200 million chargers will be installed, accounting for 550 TWh of charging with the potential to strain the grid and threaten resiliency.

The “Bidgely Electric Vehicle Adoption Playbook” guides energy providers through four data-driven phases of EV adoption:

1. Accelerating customer awareness, education and adoption
2. Analyzing the EVs on the road today and forecasting where EVs will be tomorrow
3. Shifting EV load with AMI based passive managed charging
4. Shifting EV Load with direct managed charging via telematics