Customer Experience

for the New Age Energy Customer

Bidgely AI disaggregates meter data to hyper-personalize CX journeys for customers with any combination of DERs guiding day-to-day energy decisions while concurrently driving utility business objectives.

The new age customer - An opportunity and a Threat

The primary goal of CX solutions in the near past was to serve the customers with reliable and affordable service while managing the cost to serve customers.
The role of the customer is changing to being a partner. Why? Because there are once in a century changes happening in the energy landscape. Mass renewable adoption changes the supply curve to be volatile while fast adoption of EVs changes the demand curve to be non uniformly distributed in geo and time. The two curves fall out of sync and this creates a massive grid management issue.
Energy providers need to partner with customers to bring their in-home assets to become part of the grid balancing solution and everyone can gain big in this clean energy revolution.

Load Disaggregation - Foundation of personalized customer interactions.

Consumers expect a certain level of personalized service from all service providers. Consider Google, Amazon and Netflix - they profile each user individually with customer interaction data. What do Energy providers do?
Bidgely comes to the rescue. We unlock the information hidden in your meter consumption data set with our patented load disaggregation technology. Each consumer is individually profiled for behind the meter appliances detection, hourly usage and appliance characteristics.

Unique Personalization Next Best Interaction (NBI) Engine

Bidgely's unique Next Best Interaction (NBI) engine takes into account each customer's behind the meter appliance information, weather data, engagement data, demographic information and the utility's objectives in order to select the best next interaction possible for every household. Each NBI combines a personalized energy use insight and a recommended action pulled from a library of behavioral tips, education, programs and product offerings. This ensures that customers only see highly personalized recommendations along with explanations on why this action is meant for them - via relevant insight.

Multi Dimensional Multi Channel Full Spectrum Solution.

Bidgely has created a full service solution that covers the entire spectrum of solution needs.
Energy usage, cost, itemized energy bills insights, recommendations, calculators, surveys or in-home audits/assessments - empower, bill projection, high bill analyzer and many more features create the most advanced energy web interaction for your customers to manage their bills.
Our alerts journey is one of the most advanced covering a series of scheduled and triggered alerts including monthly itemized bill breakdown, bill projection, budget alert, high usage alerts, best rate alerts and many more to deliver the highest level of proactive CSAT and maximizing reduction in call center costs with reduction in high bill calls.
Our Results Speak for Themselves

Increased Customer Engagement

  • 44% email open rate, vs. an industry benchmark of 28%
  • 7% click-through rate, vs. an industry benchmark of 2%
  • 0.14% unsubscribe rate, vs. an industry benchmark of 0.8%

Increased conversions & program participation

  • 70% increase in enrollment vs baseline for an HVAC upgrade program
  • 1.5% marketplace conversion rate
  • 65% of new marketplace users come from Bidgely engagement

Increased Customer Satisfaction

  • 89% positive customer feedback
  • 2-quartile increase in overall JD Power score
  • 45-rank increase in JD Power score for Business customer satisfaction

Reduced Costs to Serve

  • 50% reduction in high-bill calls
  • 2m 50s reduction in average handling time
  • 30%+ reduction in truck rolls
Multi Dimensional Personalized DER and VPP Compatible Customer Journeys

Time of Use Rates

  • TOU Rate promotion to enroll more customers. Includes personalized savings calculations.
  • TOU Rate coaching - Helping customers understand rate plans, and shift load with peak appliances and feedback info included.
  • Permanent load curve shift to match off peak hours, reduce grid congestion and align demand with clean energy generation.

Electric Vehicles

You can’t ignore EV users - they are crazy about their new EV and if you are not personalizing the solution for them, you are losing them to others. But, do you even know who bought an EV and whether they are charging at home and when and how big is the charger?
Start your personalization with Bidgely’s EV disaggregation that figures out every home that bought EV and is charging at home. Our personalized EV journey brings them into EV-TOU and makes sure they always charge their cars in the off peak hours.


Net Energy Export ≠ Generation.
Our patented solar disaggregation figures out the size of solar panels and how much energy is generated. We know it gets complex when you add time of use, solar feed in tariff, Ev charging and all other appliances usage into one box and ask users to optimize their energy bill. Bidgely absorbs the complexity and makes it simple for users to optimize their bill. Oh, and we will let them know if their panels stop generating - so they can rely on you to be their trusted energy partner.

Budget or Balanced Billing

Many energy providers have budget or balanced billing to distribute the customer bills over 6 or 12 months. The CX becomes different when a customer is not going to pay the higher bill next month even if their actual bill is higher. We take into account all and customize the interactions for such customers.

Battery or EV V2G

Battery or V2G, is perceived by many as the ultimate game changer, and involves electric vehicles (and batteries) charging during periods of low cost or demand but also returning power to the grid at times of high demand. We are working on bringing the whole VPP equation out of the box for your customers in the coming times.

CARE Call Center Tool

In addition to our customer-facing solution, Bidgely enables your utility to further enhance CX by providing insights to your Customer Service Representatives (CSR) via our CARE Call Center Tool.
CARE puts interactive billing period comparisons in the hands of CSRs, showing detailed bill drivers including appliance usage patterns. With CARE, CSRs can access the precise information required to rapidly resolve calls, which may be triggered by higher-than-expected customer bills.
Electric, gas, and dual fuel utilities benefit from happier, more engaged customers that feel empowered to take control of their bills.

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