Disaggregation as a Service (DaaS)

We have a vision — one firmly grounded in our belief that energy disaggregation is the bedrock of the new energy ecosystem.

Our conviction stems from the belief that this data is pivotal in ushering in a cleaner, sustainable energy future. In our view, true disaggregation should be within reach for everyone.
So, we've developed Disaggregation as a Service (DaaS). With DaaS, a simple and cost-effective pathway now exists for seamlessly integrating disaggregated energy data into any preexisting business process or application.

Disaggregation Made Accessible

With DaaS, utilities, retailers, and solution providers can easily leverage Bidgely’s True Disaggregation technology to generate appliance-level usage and relevant data attributes for any smart meter residential or small business customer. This data can then feed into internal systems to support and enhance a myriad of different business processes and applications.

Power-up Multiple Business Applications

DaaS becomes the key that unlocks the ability to elevate a range of utility programs and processes to the next level of granularity and accuracy. This is the level of accuracy you and your customers now need to be successful in the clean energy transition.
Enhanced customer, grid, and utility outcomes

Customer Experience

Take your customer energy insights to the next level with accurate, behind-the-meter usage data.

Call Center

Empower your CSRs with more information about each customer’s usage habits in order to make every single call shorter, relevant, and final.

Segmentation & Targeting

Identify and segment customers based on appliance detection and characteristics for all types of DSM programs, and for the upselling of specific products and services.

Grid Planning

Expand the analysis of grid asset loads by explicitly including detected DERs and key appliance loads in the context of Load Research and in the process of determining Non-Wires Alternatives.

Rate Design

Leverage appliance-level usage to enable more accurate evaluation, design, and simulations of rates as they are applied to specific behind-the-meter loads.

Field Audits

Monitor customer behavior and usage after on-site field audits, to determine the efficacy of the interventions and provide additional savings tips to consumers.
Disaggregation Made Simple. Time and Cost Savings Unlocked.
DaaS takes away the burden of resource-intensive and expensive projects and processes associated with big data integration and analysis. You save costs and time at every step.
The 3 Key Elements to DaaS:

Data Integration - Made Easy

With Bidgely's Disaggregation as a Service (DaaS), integration becomes a breeze. No need for rip and replace or extensive overhauls—simply integrate best-of-breed disaggregation into your existing tools and applications.
Our straightforward integration model, coupled with standard interfaces for extracting data from Meter Data Management (MDM) and billing systems, ensures a seamless ingestion process. Experience a hassle-free journey with automated data sanity checks that generate self-serve reports, swiftly identifying and resolving any data-related issues.
Swift. Effortless. Streamlined.
  • No-friction process
  • No project stresses
  • No additional IT
    resources required

Data Processing - Made Cost Effective

Data pipelines are hard. Bidgely has deep expertise in processing energy data and decades of experience building optimal pipelines that are cost-effective. And we pass on these savings to you.
This means Bidgely DaaS takes away the substantial expenses associated with data science, processing, and pipelines while ensuring you reap all the benefits of best-in-class disaggregation.
Bidgely processes disaggregation for all meters on either a calendar month or billing cycle basis.
  • No additional data
    processing expenses
  • No data storage

Data Outputs - That Drive Value

You have the meters—now unlock their true value. Bidgely's DaaS outputs provide the granularity needed to drive and enhance programs across the utility spectrum, from customer engagement to Electric Vehicle (EV) detection and Non-Wire Alternatives (NWAs). These outputs also help to break down data silos across the utility and serve interdepartmental projects across the customer and the grid.
Data output includes:
Appliance usage for different interval granularity and frequencies:
  • Granularity - Monthly OR Hourly (AMI interval)
  • Update Frequency - Monthly
Appliance attributes for each appliance category. For example:

Cooling (AC):

Cooling Modes & Avg., Amplitude, etc.

Space Heating (AC):

Heating Modes & Avg. Amplitude, Fuel Type.

Electric Vehicle (EV):

Charger type, Charge Amplitude, Confidence, etc.

Solar Generation:

Solar capacity, etc.
Create Value.
Remove Silos.
  • Unlock value across
    multiple use cases
  • Drive innovation
  • Improve Customer
    and Grid outcomes

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