Reduced Cost to
with SMB
Load Disaggregation for
Engagement & Grid

Improved Customer
Digital Self-Service
SMB Web Experience
& Call Center Support

Generate Behavioral
Energy Efficiency
this Traditionally Hard
to Reach Customer Base

Accurate Load Disaggregation Intelligence for SMB

Inaccurate advice can make businesses lose trust in your utility offerings. With Bidgely's intelligence, SMB customers can take control of their energy bills and avoid high bill shocks with notifications & detailed bill breakdowns. Bidgely's patented actionable load disaggregation is highly reliable, scalable and accurate for Small and Medium Businesses such as offices, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets. Use it to support not just personalized engagement, program design, monetization programs but also load research, and grid planning.

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Business Energy Reports that improve Customer Satisfaction and Energy Efficiency

Bidgely's tailored SMB Recommendations based on building type & appliance usage help customers manage their energy usage & find ways to save. We integrate AI-generated energy intelligence into your digital communications (web & email):

  • Time of Use per appliance end use
  • Peak and Off-peak Usage
  • Demand charges analysis
  • Auto-detected Hours of Operation
  • Rate Comparison & Optimization
  • High Usage alerts paired with energy efficiency programs with project financing
  • Bill projections paired with better rate offerings
  • Bill breakdown paired with new product offerings like solar panels, batteries, EVs

Digital Tools that Reduce Cost to Serve

Convert more commercial business into your program & product offerings with targeted outreach, such as:

  • Adoption of Battery Storage & Distributed Energy Resources (DER)
  • Support Adoption of Off-Bill and On-Bill Financing Option
  • Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs
  • Sign ups for Energy Field Audits

Empowering the Call Center to be SMB Energy Advisors

Improve customer satisfaction and average call handling time by empowering CSRs with this full customer 360 energy advisor view so they too have AI-powered energy insights & recommendations at their fingertips.

  • Troubleshoot high bills together with detailed appliance level breakdowns by time of day
  • Recommend tailored rates, programs, services for customers with confidence knowing it is backed by their business's unique usage patterns

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