About Bidgely Engage

Bidgely Engage Virtual is the digital adaptation of our annual, high-touch conference dedicated to the role of customer-centric AI in accelerating the energy industry. This year’s conference focuses on an analytics approach to driving our clean energy future, highlighting the compounding benefits of data-driven decisions in meeting both today’s business objectives, alongside the ambitious and critical net zero targets sitting on the horizon. Bidgely Engage Virtual, taking place October 5-8, includes 3 short, high-impact days featuring valued perspectives from leading utility and industry luminaries, as well as a final day, October 8, for Bidgely Engage: AI in Action, offering live demos and dynamic discussion with our AI experts.

Hear from Industry Leaders and AI Experts

Engage 2021
Agenda & Sessions

Sessions are subject to change so please check back for the finalized agenda. Currently planned sessions include:

Day 1: Renewable Energy and Demand Flexibility

  • The Utility Moonshot: PGE's Data-Driven Aproach to Grid Reliability, Customer-Centricity, and the Clean Energy Transition
    • - Larry Bekkedahl, Senior VP of Advanced Energy Delivery, Portland General Electric
    • - Tim Treadwell, Manager, Customer Technology Development, Portland General Electric
    • - Angela Long, Manager of Planning & Strategy, Portland General Electric
    • - Quisha Light, Manager, Product Development & Lifecycle Management, Portland General Electric

  • Leveraging Innovative Rate Design and Analytics to Advance Net-Zero Goals
    • - Lon Huber, VP of Rate Design and Strategic Solutions, Duke Energy

  • The Next Generation of Advanced Smart Meter Applications
    • - Michael Kelly, Senior Research Analyst & Managing Consultant, Guidehouse Insights

  • Pioneer Highlights: NV Energy's Analytics Journey
    • - Adam Grant, Program Manager, NV Energy

  • Shaping the Customer Experience with AMI-Based Analytics
    • - Nayan Parikh, Sr Manager Customer Technology, PSEG-LI
    • - Jennifer Popkin, Senior Consultant, Energy and Utilities, West Monroe

Day 2: Efficiency, Equity, and Bringing the Customer Along

  • Canary Media and Bidgely Fireside: Transforming Captive Audiences into Clean Energy Stakeholders through Trusted Digital Experiences
    • - Eric Wesoff, Managing Editor, Canary Media

  • Ensuring that All Communities Benefit Equitably from the Clean Energy Transition
    • - William Ellis, Regional VP of External Affairs, PEPCO Holdings
    • - Ann Becker, VP Sustainability, Arizona Public Service
    • - Jamie Wimberly, Chief Executive Officer, DEFG

  • Case Study: How Southern California Gas is Driving Efficiency and Inclusion with Gas Analytics
    • - Dr. Liza Legaspi, Energy Management Supervisor, Southern California Gas

  • The Evolution from Home Energy Reporting to True Home Energy Management
    • - William Hughes, Principal Analyst, Guidehouse

  • Aligning with Corporate America to Reimagine Their Energy Use and Beyond
    • - Irvine Sloan, VP of Strategic Account Management, Duke Energy
    • - Sage McLaughlin, Sr Strategic Account Manager, Duke Energy

Day 3: EVs, Electrification, and the Role of Gas Utilities

  • Building A Gold Standard: ConEdision's Comprehensive Approach to Clean Energy
    • - Lenny Singh, SVP, Customer Energy Solutions, Con Edison
    • - Allisyn Glasser, Chief Enterprise Architect, Con Edison
    • - Vicki Kuo, VP Energy Efficiency, Con Edison
    • - Raghusimha Sudhakara, Director Demonstration Projects EV, Con Edison

  • Electric>Gas: How Austin Energy is Building EV Champions
    • - Karl Popham, Manager, Electric Vehicles & Emerging Technologies, Austin Energy
    • - Bobby Godsey, EV Program Specialist, Austin Energy
    • - Amy Atchley, Sr Lead, EV Equity Program, Austin Energy

  • Creating an Integrated Experience to Optimize the Grid Edge and EV Programs
    • - Sharon Talbott, Product Marketing Director, Energy and Utilities, Salesforce

  • Strategic Initiatives for the EV Ecosystem
    • - Matt Valle, VP Development, Florida Power and Light

  • Customer Perspectives on EVs, Smart Homes, and Beneficial Electrification
    • - Jason McGrade, Deputy Director, SECC

Day 4: Bidgely Engage: AI in Action (Demo Day)

  • Join us for a hands-on demo day led by our subject matter experts, to see what our solutions look like in action. Questions and dynamic discussion are welcome in this interactive, workshop-style event. Topics include:
    • - Load Analytics
    • - Electrification and EV Solutions
    • - Customer Experience and Decarbonization
    • - Energy Efficiency and Home Energy Reports
    • - Gas Engagement and Digitalization

A Unified Platform

The power of AI is best exemplified through the success of our customers. The UtilityAI Platform Whitepaper offers a view of UtilityAI in action: as told through case studies from key customers. Download the whitepaper to learn more.

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A Modern Marketplace

With Bidgely’s UtilityAI™ Marketplace Solution, utilities can provide customers that same level of frictionless one-to-one insight and service that they enjoy from other ecommerce platforms. An AI-powered integrated marketplace gives customers a modern retail experience.

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Elevating the
SMB Experience

Bidgely’s patented and proven technology to hyper-personalize the experience for non-residential customers as well. Utilities can now offer a digital and streamlined experience, tailored programs, incentives, and products and services to commercial customers.

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Customer and
Business Intelligence

The Analytics Workbench puts enhanced analytics at your fingertips. Explore the easiest way to optimize programs, services, and grid management. Designed with utilities in mind: easy to adopt, intuitive to use, adaptable to data and existing analytics tools.

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Digitalization is critical as we adapt to the new normal in a post-COVID world. See how applied AI scales efforts in tackling key challenges, including DSM shortfalls, residential load shifts, and vulnerable or financially distressed customers.

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Gas, Dual Fuel, and
Electric Utilities

UtilityAITM is designed for every utility, not just electric utilities. We meet the unique needs of gas and dual fuel utilities, such as CX, electrification, deriving value from gas smart meters, protecting customer mindshare, and billing-based recommendations.

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Debunking Legacy
HER Myths

Next generation Home Energy Reports (HERs) transcend the limitations of legacy programs. Serving every home and any meter (analog and AMI), HER 2.0 is scalable, digitalized, and engaging. The results speak for themselves: 80% energy savings at a lower program cost.

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