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Web Portal – Modernized for Today’s Consumer

Today’s typical consumer spends hours on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and the like, so they’ve come to expect all digital interactions to be personalized. What’s the modern utility to do? Well, Bidgely’s recently-updated web portal solution is the answer, helping to deliver an engaging digital energy experience personalized to each consumer. In fact, one utility recently found that 90% of consumers gave the 👍  to their Bidgely-powered offering!

What makes the web portal so great?

  • Analytics | Bidgely’s Universal Disaggregation provides 100% appliance itemization for every home, making it easy for each consumer to see which appliances are costing the most each month. For consumers looking to fine-tune their experience, Bidgely’s home assessment tool is right at their fingertips, making it easy to get more out of the solution by simply lifting a finger.
  • Recommendations | Long gone are the days wondering if that generic energy-saving recommendation is relevant or not. Bidgely’s recommendations are based on the actual appliances you’re using the most, so they’re always relevant.
  • Usage | For the energy nerds (like most of us at Bidgely) who want to dig further into their usage, Bidgely provides detailed daily, monthly, and annual usage information to help “power users” better understand their specific usage and how it is impacted by their rate plan.

With the launch of Bidgely’s updated web portal solution, modern utilities can now provide consumers with access to a fully-personalized suite of digital engagement tools: web portal, mobile app, SMS, and email.

Consumer Wish List: Itemization

Modern utilities are undergoing a transformation: no longer are they thinking of their customer base as “ratepayers”; they are instead viewing them as consumers, and focusing on providing them with value-add services above and beyond the delivery of electrons. In light of this transformation, Bidgely surveyed 1000 consumers from across the US, asking them about features they’d most like to see from their utility:

If your electric utility could offer you one of the following, which would you prefer?

  • Breakdown of your energy usage by appliance – 46%
  • Home audit to improve energy efficiency – 26%
  • Marketplace of energy efficiency products – 18%
  • Concierge for energy efficiency retrofits – 10%

Many utilities are enamored with marketplace solutions to generate additional revenue and drive engagement; however, consumers have their eyes elsewhere. As shown above, both appliance itemization and home audits are preferred by consumers – by a large margin – over a marketplace solution.

These results are music to our ears at Bidgely. Not only are we the industry leader in appliance itemization, but our recently-launched V3 Platform [link to press release] has a new home assessment and audit solution, which is currently being used by major utilities in the US.

Looking forward, as modern utilities continue to bring the consumer into focus, Bidgely is well-positioned to be their go-to choice for consumer engagement and delight.

“I wish this survey were longer,” said NO ONE EVER!

We surveyed the field (sorry, couldn’t help ourselves) and decided we could do better. With Bidgely’s module for online audits, surveys, and home assessments, we’ve reimagined a solution by injecting a little disaggregation. How does that make a difference? Let’s count the ways:

  1. Improve take up rates: It’s a lot easier to encourage people to take a survey when you’ve already engaged them (which disaggregation is great at doing!).
  2. Increase completion rates: “I wish this survey were longer,” said NO ONE EVER! Improve take-up rates and completions via pre-filled questions.
  3. Dynamic updates: When usage patterns change, the Bidgely platform automatically identifies the changes instead of relying on the consumer to update their answers.

Field auditor tool: The field auditor version of the survey tool incorporates all the features field staff need. Integrated scheduling, offline mode, print or email a report, and even create personalized recommendations based on a combination of survey results and disaggregation data. It’s all there

Hitting the Right Note with Customers

As the old music saying goes, “the right note at the wrong time, is still the wrong note.”  To really strike a chord with customers, utilities need to focus both on content and delivery. That’s why, in addition to enabling utilities to provide valuable, personalized insights to their customers, we’re helping them communicate at the right time.

Alerts, a new feature in Bidgely’s V3 platform, increases meaningful customer touchpoints and helps utilities build engagement via multiple channels (email, SMS, push notifications). Alert types include:

Bill Projection
No one likes an unexpectedly high bill. Consumers appreciate getting an alert to an expected high bill while they still have time to act

Budget Alerts
For folks who like a little control, they can set a budget threshold to be alerted when they hit it

High Usage Alerts
Appliance malfunctioning and running continuously? We’ll send a high usage alert!

Don’t just energy-shame your consumers with a frowny face. Help them by pinpointing which appliance to focus on.

Available for all consumers, based on their appliance-level energy usage patterns

Customizable Offers
Consumers can enroll in programs or purchase items via a marketplace

The alerts can be configured by utility by channel and timing to optimize customer engagement and savings. It’s never been easier for utilities to be in harmony with their customers!

Flexible deployments: adapting to utilities’ needs

Integrating new engagement tools doesn’t have to be painful. Bidgely works closely with utilities to create a flexible platform deployment that complements your current solution.

Need a whole new turnkey solution? No problem. Need to put some frosting on your current assets? Piece of cake. Need something in between? We’ve got that too.

If you want a fully-delivered, turnkey solution, we’ve got you covered. We’ll host and serve the entire experience for your customers. Configured to your requirements and white-labeled with your branding, of course (we like being the “man behind the curtain”, so to speak!).

Or maybe you just need to give your current assets a dash of wow (how many times can one look at a frowny face?)  We’ll give you the data feed for you to embed itemization and insights into your existing web portal, email outreach, even paper bills!

If you want to embed the itemization and insights but want a little more guidance, we can provide the data via our API along with a design toolkit so your development team has what they need to do the work in-house.  

Reaching 100% of Homes

No smart meter? No problem!

While we love smart meters, we recognize the challenges utilities face in rolling them out to customers. So, that got us thinking: How can utilities serve all their customers, regardless of meter type? Introducing: Universal Disaggregation.

By leveraging machine learning, years of experience, and data from the millions of homes ingested into the Bidgely Platform, we’re able to bring the benefits of appliance itemization to non-smart meter homes ahead of full smart meter roll outs.

Over 700 million smart meters are installed globally, and most utilities have a mix of smart meters and analog meters in their service territories. Bidgely’s Universal Disaggregation leverages machine learning, the years of experience we’ve gained working with energy consumption, and data from the millions of homes ingested into the Bidgely Platform to extend itemization to homes without smart meters. Leveraging a database of over 50B meter readings from smart meters, Bidgely’s machine learning models extend itemization to non Smart Meter homes using a “matched peer” or a “matched region” approach. Combining the learnings from HVAC fingerprints on each home with learning from the model, an itemized energy bill is created with the 8-10 top energy use categories, including Base Load, Heating, Cooling, Pool Pump, Laundry and Cleaning, Entertainment and Computers, Water Heating, Cooking, and Other. The result is that 100% of homes can benefit from usage itemization and personalized energy insights from their utility, enjoying a consistent experience regardless of meter type. Universal Disaggregation is launching first in the US, with additional countries soon to follow. Finally utilities can incorporate the power of appliance itemization for deeper engagement–even for homes without smart meters.