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Sharpening the Tools of Engagement

We’ve tuned and tightened our platform with a better understanding of what utilities and their customers need. Throughout the past year, we’ve been building momentum and support for our SaaS energy analytics platform. We closed 2014 with utility relationships in eight countries, and big customer wins in Hawaii, Texas and Canada.

To start out 2015, we’re proud to unveil this new suite of product offerings that sharpen utilities’ tools of engagement. Each new product is geared to transform utilities’ big data into actionable insights that drive long-term customer engagement and, in turn, more effective utility programs. Our new products include an updated HomeBeat Web & Mobile app, a low-cost HomeBeat Energy Monitor device that enables real-time insights and HomeBeat Agent, a tool to help quickly resolve high utility bill disputes.

The products in our solution work in concert, building a value chain for utilities and their customers. With Bidgely you get the transparency and insight of how you use your energy; mobile connectivity that not only keeps you up-to-date to the minute, but lets you figure out where hidden energy costs reside; and customers get better service. Ultimately, it’s about customer satisfaction and transforming utilities into a trusted energy advisor to every customer.

Let’s take a deeper dive into each of the new products.

Mobile has taken over how we communicate. Moreover, we’ve found that utility customers who connect via mobile are likely to do so far more frequently, reflecting deeper engagement with their utility. Our new HomeBeat Web & Mobile app makes interacting with Bidgely via mobile easier, faster and more intuitive than ever. Real-time mobile push notifications flag when appliances are using far more energy than usual, so customers can do something about it in the heat of the moment. And customers can now use Detective, our real-time appliance consumption measurement feature that lets you estimate the cost of running nearly any device in the home from a toaster to a bank of halogen lights.

In tandem, our new HomeBeat Energy Monitor gateway is the enabler that provides access to real-time data for deeper, more immediate energy insights. This creates a bridge between the smart meter and the Internet, without any complex cables or wiring—it’s easier than setting up a router. This is our first foray into hardware, and since we are at our core a software company, we’re able to bring the Energy Monitor to utilities at $35 each in volume – a fraction of the price of competing devices from hardware companies.

While our goal with all of our new products is to make energy management (and life in general) a little easier for utilities and customers, issues are still bound to come up. Enter HomeBeat Agent. Managing customer satisfaction and high bill disputes remain costly issues for utilities, so Bidgely’s HomeBeat Agent software arms customer support representatives to quickly resolve high bill disputes with detailed customer energy usage information and month-to-month comparisons. Agents can use this tool to answer questions like, “Why is my bill so high?” or, “Why did my bill jump up last month?” It helps customers get on with their day, reducing call center operational costs and helping to move offline customers online for better service.

All of Bidgely’s current utility partners, including TXU Energy and London Hydro, will have access to this exciting suite of new products. Over the next year, we look forward to announcing more partnerships with utilities who are adopting intelligent customer empowerment technologies that improve the bottom line.

Steve Nguyen, Bidgely Marketing

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I head marketing at Bidgely. With lots of history in the IoT space, energy and control (homes, buildings, cities and grid), and gaming, you'd hope I have something to say! Let's change the world - Steve

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