Achieving global decarbonization goals calls for industry-wide action and meaningful collaboration. 

In reality, no single business will be able to change the course of climate change on its own. Rather than working in silos, we’ll only achieve progress toward a clean energy future by thinking synergistically and looking for opportunities to bring together decarbonization innovators from throughout the energy ecosystem to amplify and extend their collective impact.

Partnership between industry and consumers is also important, with both sides doing their part to reduce emissions.

That’s why Bidgely and GridX have partnered. 

Bidgely’s behind-the-meter consumption insights combined with highly accurate cost insights from GridX enable utilities to deploy more sophisticated rate design, cost analysis, and hyper-personalized customer engagement that collectively empower their customers to make better energy choices to benefit their households, the grid and the planet. 

“Motivating consumers to make smarter energy decisions is paramount to achieving utility decarbonization goals,” explains Chris Black, CEO of GridX. “Through our partnership with Bidgely, we are eliminating the mystery of how a consumer’s energy choices correspond to their energy bills or grid impact. This results in a win for everyone. Customers get lower bills, utilities get more life out of their existing infrastructure, and customers and utilities are in sync in achieving their decarbonization goals.” 

“By providing every household with appliance-level energy insights about their usage and the associated real-time cost breakdown, utilities are able to deliver ongoing, tailored customer journeys based on each household’s unique value drivers,” adds Bidgely CEO Abhay Gupta. “Whether they are engaging with an  EV driver, a family with an aging HVAC system, or a retired couple on a fixed income, Bidgely and GridX empower our utility partners to connect the dots for their customers between energy choices and energy costs, in a personalized and highly relevant way.” 

Turning passive customers into engaged and happy energy participants is a fundamental part of cultivating utility-customer partnerships that move decarbonization forward. 

Helping utilities design rates and customers choose rates that are best suited to their energy lifestyles is another way to foster that essential deep level of engagement. 

“The Bidgely + GridX data-driven approach provides utilities with a means to infuse rate design and analysis with behind-the-meter intelligence about how customers actually use energy,” says Gupta. “With that advance, utilities are able to more accurately explore, design, evaluate, and expedite the roll-out of rates that support operational goals while also more readily meeting the needs of their customers. The resulting modern rate structures better incentivize customer action in support of what we know are among the top utility priorities: decarbonization, DER adoption and electrification.”

“When we provide customers with the means to select the right offerings for their household by easily comparing rate and program options and determining the dollar impact of their choices on their bills, the result is a more informed and satisfied customer who is motivated to make smarter energy choices,” adds Black.

What will their bill look like if they buy an EV? How might their energy costs change if they install a solar system? What could they gain if they installed a more efficient HVAC system? How much are they likely to save if they enroll in one utility program vs another? When customers have the answers to questions like these, they’re more likely to make emissions-saving decisions.

“Precisely targeting customers with customized rate and energy efficiency recommendations is an important part of achieving decarbonization targets,” emphasizes Gupta. “When we combine Bidgely’s proven capability to strategically embed rate promotion, education and enrollment within existing customer touchpoints with GridX-informed savings calculations based on each customer’s personal energy profile, customers are able to easily determine which rate will give them the greatest benefit. Educated and empowered customers make better utility partners as we collectively work toward a cleaner energy future.” 

Together, Bidgely and GridX also provide utilities with powerful tools to achieve load shifting.

“Restructuring rate plans for better load shifting has become an imperative utility initiative, especially as electric vehicles, appliance electrification and weather-related grid strains become more prolific,” says Gupta. “By partnering with GridX, we are teaching consumers that when they use energy is as important as how much energy is used, and we are giving every kilowatt-hour consumed a dollar value to help drive simple and actionable behavioral changes.” 

Using rates to shift demand in predictable ways by engaging customers based on appliance/DER ownership, geographic location, energy choice behaviors, and more helps utilities more strategically deploy non-wires alternatives and accelerate progress toward decarbonization.

Across the board, when it comes to customer engagement, Bidgely and GridX are empowering utilities to achieve meaningful decarbonization progress by leveraging their joint, best-of-industry, data-science-based approaches.

Ready to Unlock Energy Use and Cost Insights to Advance Your Decarbonization Goals?

By combining behind-the-meter consumption insights with highly accurate cost insights, you can become better equipped to implement customer engagement and grid management programs that advance decarbonization while keeping energy reliable and affordable for consumers. Download the information sheet: Bidgely + GridX: Customer Journeys That Connect Energy Choices to Value to learn more about how the Bidgely and GridX partnership can help you make greater progress toward your decarbonization goals.

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