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With accelerating the clean energy future at the heart of our mission, today is a particularly meaningful day for us at Bidgely, as well as clean energy advocates across the globe. While creating relevancy and actionability through data-driven decision making has always been core to our business, last year we formally evolved our mission to specifically call out our commitment to powering a cleaner, more sustainable future. And, we certainly do not stand alone. A record number of utilities have made notable net zero carbon commitments, and the Biden Administration’s clean energy plans offer promise for meaningful change. 

To celebrate today, we’ve rounded up a small selection of resources highlighting what we see as key inputs for driving change: utility leadership, AI-driven decarbonization and electrification solutions, and optimized program design that converges environmental best practices with business outcomes. 

Climate Leadership

The energy industry is at the forefront of the clean energy revolution. Leading utilities, which have been committed to energy efficiency and clean energy resources for years, are now translating and building upon those efforts with formal commitments. 

Decarbonization Solutions 

In order to tackle aggressive net zero carbon goals, utilities need to make smart and effective use of their wealth of data. Critical to this effort is understanding customers, becoming part of the EV and PV clean energy journey, and building grid reliability through personalization. 

Aligning Sustainability and Business Outcomes 

While we’re excited to see the heightened attention on climate mitigation, we enthusiastically acknowledge the fact that utilities have been investing in sustainable practices that drive their business outcomes for many years now. Here are a few success stories: 

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