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Bidgely Partners with Moro Hub to Deliver AI-Powered Energy Insights
Partnership brings benefits of advanced artificial intelligence technology to energy consumers in GCC region for first time

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Los Altos, Calif., April 3, 2023 – Moro Hub, a subsidiary of Digital DEWA, the digital arm of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (PJSC) has signed an agreement with Bidgely that aims to accelerate a clean energy future by enabling utilities and consumers to make data-driven energy decisions. 

The agreement was signed between Mr. Mohammad Bin Sulaiman, Chief Executive Officer of Moro Hub and Mr. Abhay Gupta, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Bidgely. The agreement aims to provide best-in-class customer engagement through artificial intelligence (AI)-based load disaggregation for the first time in the Middle East. Leveraging only smart meter data and Bidgely’s UtilityAI™ Platform, Moro Hub will be able to deliver appliance-level consumption insights to its customers that help them better understand the impact of individual energy usage on electricity bills. Moro Hub’s integration with Bidgely will also bolster data-driven operations to effectively drive energy efficiency and grid management.

“With the global inclination to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and rising cost of energy, empowering energy users with knowledge of their individual consumption behavior is essential, and Bidgely’s experience in improving customer engagement through AI has been proven around the world. We are pleased to be one of their strategic partners to introduce this groundbreaking technology to a wide utility audience in the Middle East,” said Mohammad Bin Sulaiman, Chief Executive Officer of Moro Hub. 

With more than 50 global energy retailer and utility partners, Bidgely’s AI-driven data analytics provide easy-to-understand home energy reports, appliance-level consumption insights as well as custom energy saving tips to 30 million homes and businesses. Additionally, as new and disruptive loads such as electric vehicles become more prevalent, Bidgley’s patented UtilityAI Platform helps utilities and energy retailers use data-driven behavior patterns to effectively and proactively plan for demand changes across their network. Using full customer data – rather than samplings or surveys – Bidgely enables smart decision-making and behavior changes that significantly improve energy management for both energy providers and their customers.

“We applaud Moro Hub for being innovation pioneers and for their dedication to delivering unmatched customer experiences through advanced technology. Using smart meters already in place, Bidgely’s solution helps to save energy and money while simultaneously further achieving the country’s sustainability goals – preparing for a grid of the future,” said Gautam Aggarwal, Chief Revenue Officer for Bidgely.

Read the full press release on Businesswire here.

About Bidgely

Bidgely is an AI-powered SaaS Company accelerating a clean energy future by enabling energy companies and consumers to make data-driven energy-related decisions. Powered by our unique patented technology, Bidgely’s UtilityAI™ Platform transforms multiple dimensions of customer data – such as energy consumption, demographic, and interactions – into deeply accurate and actionable consumer energy insights. We leverage these insights to empower each customer with personalized recommendations, tailored to their individual personality and lifestyle, usage attributes, behavioral patterns, purchase propensity, and beyond. From a Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and Grid Edge perspective, Bidgely is advancing smart meter innovation with data-driven solutions for solar PVs, EV detection, EV behavioral load shifting and managed charging, energy theft, short-term load forecasting, grid analytics, and TOU rate designs. Bidgely’s UtilityAI™ energy analytics provides deep visibility into generation, consumption for better peak load shaping and grid planning, and delivers targeted recommendations for new value-added products and services. With roots in Silicon Valley, Bidgely has over 17 energy patents, $75M+ in funding, retains 30+ data scientists, and brings a passion for AI to utilities serving residential and commercial customers around the world. For more information, please visit or the Bidgely blog at

About Moro Hub

As part of 10X, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (PJSC) mobilised its innovation unit to create a new entity called Digital DEWA, which uses innovation in artificial intelligence and digital services to meet the current and future requirements brought about by the 4th industrial revolution. This entity required an innovative, agile data hub, and thus Moro Hub was established. Forming the backbone of Digital DEWA, Moro Hub was introduced to fulfill the need for an innovative and agile data centre. Through its purpose-built, industry-accredited data hub, Moro Hub uses its expertise, capabilities and alliances to contribute to the digital transformation of society. Trusted to secure, manage, and integrate data, Moro Hub is committed to providing value through customer-centric innovation, creating new opportunities now and in the future. For more info, please visit