Bidgely's AI-Powered Energy Theft Detection Solution Brief

Historically, apart from basic meter hardware tamper alerts, broad-scale theft detection has been a top-down approach implemented at the grid level by assessing groups of homes associated with a single feeder or substation. This approach requires significant time and resources to investigate and resolve in the field.

But Artificial Intelligence (AI) can process more data much faster for all homes—in hours, not days or weeks—and, like a detective, can provide a clear, data-driven picture of exactly what is happening behind each meter, so the utility has specific information about each meter and home to act on.

Bidgely’s UtilityAI™ Energy Theft Detection lets utilities discover, understand, and remedy theft quickly by taking detection right down to the individual home and looking behind the meter to discover tariff misuse, direct theft, and/or meter tampering.