Bidgely & Questline on Utility Marketplaces: How to Drive Traffic & Increase Sales Conversions

Marketplace sites can be an effective way for energy utilities to strengthen relationships with their customers, promote the use of energy-efficient products, and drive non-traditional revenue. But while online shopping is rapidly growing, utilities still face an uphill battle to break through the crowded e-commerce field dominated by major retail and technology titans. To succeed, utilities need to deploy effective digital marketing strategies and harness their reputations as trusted energy resources. In this on-demand webinar Ed Liberman, VP of Business Development at Bidgely and Dave Reim, CEO & President at Questline and Brian Lindamood, AVP, Creative & Content Strategy at Questline will demonstrate how energy utilities can drive more traffic to their marketplace sites and increase sales conversions using AI derived intelligence and advanced content marketing techniques.

This on-demand webinar covers:

  • How to develop a digital marketing strategy to stand out from the competition
  • How to use targeted campaigns and hyper-personalized marketing to increase conversions
  • How to develop customer segments based on relevant marketplace products
  • How to use content marketing to drive customer interest in energy-saving technologies
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