CIO's Guide to Leveraging your Data Lake / Energy Efficiency Program Targeting: Using AI-Driven Data to Inform New Approaches to Drive Customer Engagement

Join Mark Fernandes as he shares his CIO perspective on how Hydro Ottawa is leveraging data for customer-centric services, with success stories from Shawn Carr in this on-demand session from Bidgely Engage 2020. HydroOttawa serves 340,000 customers in the bilingual metro Ottawa area in Canada with both energy generation & distribution, electrical vehical charging and more. Early to the market they have 100% smart meter deployment, 100% time of use billing, and 62% My Account penetration. Bidgely is a key partner with HydroOttawa, in helping them deliver their customer centric strategy, that leverages their robust data, in their web and mobile appilication. Using UtilityAI allows HydroOttawa to identify customers with inefficient cooling & heating to drive higher rebate program enrollment and more.

  • Customer Centric Experience
  • Website, Mobile, Social, Smart Speakers, Backoffice Tools
  • Voice of Customer
  • Online Marketplace
  • Customized Alerts
  • Smart Thermostat Program