HER 2.0 - Next Generation AI-Powered HER Webinar

Home Energy Reports have become a staple to utility energy efficiency programs over the past decade. This is due to their high effectiveness relative to cost. However even within a mature behavioral program, a majority of those treated: 80% of the population could end up being negative or neutral savers. That’s cost spent supporting, mailing and communicating to customers that are going in the opposite direction of your treatment. Not to mention that overtime these reports become less effective overtime from treating the same groups. So how can utilities sustain further energy savings?

In this on-demand webinar you'll learn how AI is enabling new paradigms for DSM behavioral energy efficiency programs that enables not just higher energy savings but also reduces cost, brings values to more customers and improves customer satisfaction. This session covers new research which shows how energy disaggregation can help drive more energy savings from digital channels, reach more customers, target better customers for treatment and hyper-personalize every interaction.