Bidgely provides utilities with comprehensive, data-driven solutions that meet unique LMI customer needs and address the common barriers they face -- all while delivering a superior customer experience. UtilityAI allows utilities to more accurately identify LMI customers, analyze their usage and engage them in meaningful ways with personalized multi-channel communications that more effectively encourage energy efficiency and allow customers to reduce their energy costs.

Creating a positive and cooperative utility-LMI customer relationship yields a wide range of benefits for the utility including increased customer satisfaction and reduced OpEx costs. By leveraging customer data to generate awareness, provide transparency, build trust, and target and engage customers with personalized no-cost and low-cost tips and high bill alerts, we can help LMI customers improve their comfort, health, and safety and reduce their energy burden.

Drive Savings While Building Trust

Increasing exposure to and awareness of energy savings programs correlates directly to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Connect Customers With Valuable Resources

With hyper-targeted outreach and alerts, UtilityAI maximizes LMI customer participation in the utility programs designed to serve them and makes it easy to enroll, including rebates, financing, energy efficiency, and demand response.

Equitably Extend the Reach of All Utility Programs

Engage middle and low-income customers and those in all consumption tiers who are not typically treated with programs such as Home Energy Reports to maximize savings without incurring additional program costs.

Prevent and Reduce Arrearages

By proactively providing visibility over their own energy consumption throughout the billing cycle, customers can more easily lower their costs and plan for high bills before they become an issue.

Provide a Wide-Range of Self Service Tools

Making free online audits, virtual assessments, and DIY kits available on a targeted basis empowers customers to lower their energy consumption on their own terms, saving money and time.

better understand utility LMI customers

Better Understand
LMI Customers

UtilityAI creates individualized LMI customer profiles based on energy usage, residential information, and load type to enable thoughtful, personalized outreach to better drive product adoption.

AI Powered Recommendations UtilityAI

Engage with Personalized
Behavioral Change Strategies

UtilityAI alerts employ self-comparison and a customer-specific itemization of energy spending to motivate energy-saving actions rather than potentially negative similar home neighbor comparisons. Data-driven monthly bill summary, bill projection, high usage, and product recommendation alerts effectively reduce bill shock, high bill calls, and energy consumption.

utilityai sfdc personalization

Educate with Online Audit & Relevant Offerings

Online audits allow customers to explore and take control of their own consumption. LMI customers typically check their bills and utilize these services more than other segments. Bidgely's web portal also includes rate education to help customers determine if they are on the optimal rate plan. Informed product offerings at affordable prices also improve LMI customer access to smart thermostats, smart plugs, and efficient appliances to further lower their costs.

AI Powered Recommendations UtilityAI

Use Virtual Assessments to Facilitate DIY Solutions

Bidgely's field audit tool can inform the delivery of personalized, no-cost DIY kits to LMI customers that include simple home weatherization tools to help drive kWh/therm savings. If equipment replacement is recommended, our third-party partners are able to generate instant rebates ensuring a budget-conscious, seamless experience.

utilityai sfdc personalization

Provide More Insightful Live CARE Support

Using UtilityAI CARE, CSR agent dashboards are also informed by Bidgely's personalization engine to ensure agents have insights about each customer's purchasing power and most relevant energy savings tips and next best actions. Rich information about suitable rates, rebates, home audits, budget alerts and language preferences is available to CSRs to guide and support customer calls as a trusted energy advisor.


"AI and data-driven programs have the incredible ability to increase customer savings, engagement and satisfaction through Advanced Meters. With the goal of expanding energy efficiency among average consumption customers through cost-effective digital channels, we have used Bidgely’s solution to personalize our approach and better understand our customers’ needs and motivations."