As utilities transition to dynamic customer engagement strategies, AI-powered AMI energy disaggregation enables utilities to deliver multi-channel, personalized smart alerts that generate greater customer energy and cost savings, inspire behavior change, position utilities as trusted advisors and facilitate revenue generation from product and services.

Enables Consumers to Save Energy & Money
Customers who receive personalized energy savings tips and action steps are more likely to engage and follow recommendations, realizing measurable savings outcomes.

Positions the Utility as Trusted Energy Advisor
Bidgely’s sophisticated energy insights and analytics tools empower utilities with advisory expertise without building in-house engineering or data acumen.

Fosters Energy Behavior Change
When customers are informed about their hourly energy usage behavior, and learn how and when their energy usage reaches its peak, they are more likely and able to shift usage.

Facilitates Product & Service Revenue
Smart Alerts seamlessly drive traffic to Bidgely Smart Shop utility marketplaces, promoting ideal solutions for each individual customer from 20+ product and service categories.

Digitalizes Touch Points
A digital-first strategy bolsters customer engagement by enabling communication according to each customer’s preferred channels and timing, while protecting their data privacy.

UtilityAI Smart Alerts provide an end-to-end digital alert customer journey that communicates optimally relevant information and calls to action at the ideal time. Smart Alerts are scheduled at ideal intervals during the billing cycle and are also dynamically triggered by key events such as budget, high usage and seasonal communications.


A series of nudges to motivate as many customers as possible to enroll in a utility program and/or consent to share their energy usage data.


A series of alerts that welcome customers to a new program and provide immediate and ongoing weekly usage insights to ensure positive reinforcement while managing expectations.

Engaging Part 1:
Core Scheduled

Alerts designed to build customer relationships and provide smart energy use encouragement at pre-determined intervals during each billing cycle, including: an appliance-level monthly bill summary; similar home comparison; personalized weekly highlights; gamified energy savings challenges; seasonal pre-winter and pre-summer alerts, mid-cycle bill projections; and quarterly best rate comparisons.

Engaging Part 2:
Ad Hoc Triggered

Beyond the core set of Engaging alerts, Smart Alerts also include ad hoc communications that are triggered by customer-specific energy use events in order to mitigate the risk of unexpected high bill surprises. These triggered alerts include notifications of high usage; peak EV charging; exceeding a budget threshold; and high bill warnings.



"Because of the targeted aspect of what we’re doing, learning and working with our customers, this is not blanket marketing. It is specific to these customers, about their needs and their individual situation. When we look at what we’re trying to become for our customers, we don’t want to be NV Energy, the utility who sells us power.

We want to be regarded as an energy advisor that they look to as the experts. We work extremely hard to be partners with our customers, to teach them ways to use, ways to save, best optimizations for things that they can do for their energy needs and uses."