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Bidgely and NISC Deliver AI-Powered Energy Insights to 17 Utility Cooperative Members Across the Midwest

Bidgely and NISC Deliver AI-Powered Energy Insights to 17 Utility Cooperative Members Across the Midwest

East Central Oklahoma Electric Cooperative achieves 82% read-through rate of Bidgely bill data

LOS ALTOS, Calif. and LAKE SAINT LOUIS, Mo., November 7, 2023Integration of Bidgely’s UtilityAI solution into National Information Solutions Cooperative’s (NISC) software platform continues to provide utilities with an unparalleled 360-degree view of the electric grid. Within the first year of collaboration, which began November 2022, the partnership has grown to serve 17 utility cooperatives with a combined 765,000 meters. Together, Bidgely and NISC have introduced the power of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven data analytics to energy providers across the spectrum – from large utilities in heavily populated regions to small energy providers in rural communities – each experiencing high degrees of success.

“The utility industry has seen a shift in recent years where consumers want more data and more interaction with their providers,” said David Bonnett, vice president of product management at NISC. “The combination of Bidgely’s UtilityAI with NISC’s SmartHub solution gives the membership the ability to share better and more powerful insights, helping to build the connection customers want with their providers.”  

East Central Oklahoma Boosts Customer Engagement

At East Central Oklahoma Electric Cooperative, 82 percent of members are reading the disaggregated usage on their bill, an increase of 20 percent from their standard bill emails. 

“Our membership told us ‘you have the meter information, do something with it,’” said Tamara Hawkins, director of office services at East Central Oklahoma Electric Cooperative. “The Bidgely addition to SmartHub allowed us to do that and showcased that we listen and respond to our membership. Our members now have insight into how their home uses power and East Central Oklahoma is more proactive with our mid-month bill projection emails.” 

Middle Tennessee Electric Drives Energy-Saving Education

Utilizing both the Bidgely platform and NISC’s SmartHub for its myMTE app, Middle Tennessee Electric (MTE) provides members with detailed information about their bills, electricity usage and custom energy-saving tips. The integration also helps MTE’s member support specialists work through high bill calls and allows for more in-depth analysis during Home Energy Checkups. 

MTE also launched a new interactive traveling trailer, EnergyHub, designed to educate members in their territory about energy efficiency and help them save money. MTE leverages the integration between Bidgely and NISC’s SmartHub to show members how the available data can help them with energy consumption. 

“By incorporating Bidgely into various MTE programs and technologies, we can provide members with data and visual components that make it easy for them to understand their energy usage and help them make adjustments to fit their lifestyles,“ said Robert White, MTE’s vice president of community relations and member services. “We’re also providing our team members with the tools they need to succeed as they work each day to fulfill MTE’s mission and purpose to provide outstanding member service and make life better for our members.”  

AI Technology for Energy Intelligence

The partnership between Bidgely and NISC has created a particularly positive experience for community-owned utilities, who now have access to the same technological innovations as bordering investor-owned utilities. 

Bidgely’s UtilityAI solution, which analyzes smart meter data to itemize household energy usage down to the appliance level, equips NISC’s utility members with personalized consumption insights for each customer. Through a series of personalized touchpoints utilities better educate consumers about the impact of their actual energy usage to build stronger, more positive relationships with their customers.

“NISC is providing a valuable service to energy providers throughout the country. We are proud to be delivering actionable energy intelligence that enhances the relationship between NISC’s cooperative members and the communities they serve,” said Gautam Aggarwal, chief revenue officer at Bidgely.   

To learn more about creating greater energy consumption transparency with Bidgely’s AI-powered energy insights, read Equipping Electric Cooperatives to Serve Hyper-Personalized Energy Insights.

About NISC

NISC is an information technology organization that develops, implements and supports software and hardware solutions for our Members. We deliver advanced solutions, services and support to 950 independent broadband companies, electric cooperatives and other public power entities. NISC is an industry leader providing information technology solutions including financials, service, operations and marketing as well as many other supporting platforms and business services. With facilities in Mandan, N.D., Lake Saint Louis, Mo., Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Blacksburg, VA. NISC and its subsidiary employ more than 1,350 professionals between the four locations and remotely throughout the United States.  Additional information about NISC can be found at 

About Bidgely

Bidgely is an AI-powered SaaS Company accelerating a clean energy future by enabling energy companies and consumers to make data-driven energy-related decisions. Powered by our unique patented technology, Bidgely’s UtilityAI™ Platform transforms multiple dimensions of customer data – such as energy consumption, demographic, and interactions – into deeply accurate and actionable consumer energy insights. We leverage these insights to empower each customer with personalized recommendations, tailored to their individual personality and lifestyle, usage attributes, behavioral patterns, purchase propensity, and beyond. From a Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and Grid Edge perspective, Bidgely is advancing smart meter innovation with data-driven solutions for solar PVs, EV detection, EV behavioral load shifting and managed charging, energy theft, short-term load forecasting, grid analytics, and TOU rate designs. Bidgely’s UtilityAI™ energy analytics provides deep visibility into generation, consumption for better peak load shaping and grid planning, and delivers targeted recommendations for new value-added products and services. With roots in Silicon Valley, Bidgely has over 17 energy patents, $75M+ in funding, retains 30+ data scientists, and brings a passion for AI to utilities serving residential and commercial customers around the world. For more information, please visit or the Bidgely blog at


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