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PSEG Long Island Expands Partnership with Bidgely to Build Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Program – Press Release

Bidgely’s PSEG Long Island Expands Partnership with Bidgely to Build Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Program

Bidgely to now deliver Home Energy Report program that incorporates EV engagement tools, time-of-day rate strategies and more

LOS ALTOS, Calif., March 7, 2024 – PSEG Long Island has expanded its partnership with Bidgely to execute an end-to-end energy efficiency solution that aligns with new time-of-day (TOD) regulatory priorities while continuing to promote significant energy savings and customer engagement. Under this new contract, Bidgely will take over the management of PSEG Long Island’s legacy Home Energy Report (HER) program, bringing additional offerings for electric vehicle (EV) owner engagement, solar detection, load reduction, and TOD rate support. Bidgely will also expand its customer engagement program with PSEG Long Island from roughly 550,000 customers to 700,000 customers.

As the Long Island Power Authority (through PSEG Long Island) rolls out a standard TOD rate plan to residential customers in 2024 and 2025, Bidgely will also deploy personalized TOD communications to educate customers on how their energy usage at different times throughout the day corresponds to their monthly bill. This includes an itemized breakdown of usage by appliance categories, monthly bill summaries and projections, high-usage alerts as well as EV charging optimization. 

“Bidgely has been an important partner in enriching the value of our AMI data and bolstering our customer engagement strategies for several years,” said Lou Debrino, managing director and vice president of customer operations at PSEG Long Island. “As we now strive to achieve a decarbonized future, we recognize the added power of Bidgely’s AI-powered one-stop platform to address multiple initiatives, like time-of-use and home energy efficiency.” 

Bidgely uniquely customizes its HERs solution to accommodate those with distributed energy resources (DERs), like EVs and solar. This enables utilities to easily separate EV charging from a customer’s whole-home usage before segmenting them into similar home comparison groups. As a result, customers can better distinguish between different consumption types to make behavioral changes that are most impactful in reducing household energy use.

This customization also enables utilities to provide energy efficiency coaching to solar customers. For instance, customers with an installed solar PV system also receive a personalized home energy report as well as a dedicated set of touch points focused specifically on solar generation and its contribution to overall energy spending and use.

As PSEG Long Island now aims to shift peak energy use to alternative times of day, Bidgely’s behind-the-meter intelligence will help the utility meet peak load capacity while reducing the need for high-cost upgrades to substations and transformers. Additionally, Bidgely’s true disaggregation capabilities will help PSEG Long Island identify and target customers with pool pumps and gas heating for energy efficiency and heat pump systems.

“Energy efficiency and customer engagement programs are becoming one and the same, which makes fostering meaningful engagement between utilities and their customers increasingly important,” said Abhay Gupta, CEO of Bidgely. “We applaud PSEG Long Island’s commitment to leveraging AI-powered tools that empower customers to save money, feel better about their energy use, and support grid stability.” 

Bidgely began supporting PSEG Long Island’s customer engagement efforts in 2020 with its personalized digital educational alerts and high-bill analyzer tool to help PSEG Long Island customers better manage their energy usage, save on electricity costs, and build a more positive relationship with the utility. In the first two years, PSEG Long Island achieved above industry-average customer satisfaction ratings of over 75 percent (through positive “Thumbs Up” responses from email alerts) and above industry-average email engagement of 32 percent. 

In 2022, Bidgely expanded support to PSEG Long Island’s EV TOD engagement program. The unparalleled accuracy of Bidgely’s AI-powered EV detection allowed the utility to detect over 16,500 EV owners with smart meter data alone. Then, leveraging Bidgely’s personalized email alerts that provided customers with hour-by-hour breakdowns of their charging behavior, PSEG Long Island encouraged more than 2,000 TOD customers to shift 90 percent of their charging to off-peak hours.   

To learn more about how Bidgely’s energy intelligence is improving rate structure development and implementation, download the playbook: Leveraging AMI Data for Successful Time-Based Rate Implementation.

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