AI Across the Industry: From Home Energy Management to Grid Planning and Optimization

Hear Neil Strother and Michael Kelly of Guidehouse Insights deliver a keynote highlighting how AI is applied across the industry, ranging from grid applications to home energy management in this on-demand session from Bidgely Engage 2020. Michael Kelly, Senior Research Analysts, speaks to the trends happening across the industry in terms of connectivity models, smart meter technology, DER integration and more. Neil Strother, Associate Director at Guidehouse, covers what we can expect in AI across customer use cases, from smart homes to software systems.

  • Grid & Customer AI Applications
  • Smart Meter Impacts and Trends over next 10 Years
  • DER Integration & Forecasting --> Asset Performance Management
  • Behind the Meter Smart Home Technologies
  • Drivers of Innovation like DOE's Smart Home Energy Management Standards & changing customer expectation
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