AI-Powered Home Energy Reports for Behavioral Energy Efficiency

The next generation of Home Energy Reports (HERs) powered by AI (artificial intelligence) are proving to be a more cost-effective and more engaging way to realize energy efficiency and engage both electric and gas utility customers. Leading utilities are utilizing the latest AI technologies to maximize savings and keep up with changing customer expectations.

This whitepaper examines how AI has been applied to HER programs and provides examples of improved energy savings, enhanced customer relationships and reduced program costs.

  • HER program targeting and messaging is more accurate with deeper customer intelligence from load disaggregation, which yields greater savings results.
  • Digital-first HER programs personalize engagement for each customer, allowing utilities to reach greater numbers of customers with opportunities uniquely tailored to them, at lower cost.
  • Applying AI to paper home energy reports drives higher engagement.
  • Hyper-personalized engagement increases customer satisfaction and overall savings.

AI enables deeper understanding of customer behaviors, motivations and propensity. Informed by a strong understanding of customer energy habits and communication preferences it is possible to drive not just energy efficiency, but also new revenue generation, electrification, decarbonization, demand response and program recruitment. Bidgely UtilityAI™ makes it possible with the world’s most accurate and actionable customer energy profiles and hyper-personalized customer journey design.