Bidgely's Universal Disaggregation for Smart Meters

Disaggregation, the science of itemizing energy consumption by appliance, enables personalized and actionable appliance-level insights to be presented to the consumer to help them manage their energy bills. This increases consumer engagement, positively influences sentiment towards the utility, and helps the utility meet energy efficiency, customer satisfaction, and other programmatic goals.

Bidgely’s Universal Disaggregation solution leverages the company’s expertise as the industry leader in energy disaggregation and combines it with a comprehensive user centric model to provide 100% load disaggregation for smart meter homes. The result is a level of accuracy and engagement unmatched by other disaggregation solutions on the market.

This paper details the core elements of Bidgely’s Universal Disaggregation solution for smart meters - data inputs, methodology, functionality, and accuracy - while highlighting some of the unique technical and functional benefits Bidgely provides.