A Playbook for Building a Customer Experience 2.0 Platform

Sixty-two percent of utilities say that “improving customer experience” is their top business priority, according to a Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Survey. To achieve this goal, utilities said they are prioritizing digital engagement and integrating customer data with systems utility-wide as a single source of truth. But what should this modern, connected CX platform look like?

Bidgely’s Playbook for Building a Customer Experience 2.0 Platform outlines 10 practical criteria utilities can use to evaluate their CX investment options and ensure their solutions deliver data-driven relevancy:

  • Criteria 1: Advanced Disaggregation for Meaningful Energy Intelligence
  • Criteria 2: Personalized Insights and Targeted Recommendations for Higher CSAT
  • Criteria 3: Customer Empowerment to Enable Self-Service
  • Criteria 4: Bill Insights and Analysis Tools to Improve Billing Understanding and Reduction in High Bill Calls
  • Criteria 5: Cross-Promotion to Increase Participation with Actionable Intelligence
  • Criteria 6: Support for Customers’ Decarbonization and Electrification Transition
  • Criteria 7: Digital Engagement to Reduce Cost-to-Serve and Drive Better Program Adoption
  • Criteria 8: Seamless Technology Integration for Ease of Implementation, Reducing Switching Costs and Removing Barriers to Entry
  • Criteria 9: Call Center Support for CSR Empowerment for Reduced Average Handle Times (AHT) and Better CSAT
  • Criteria 10: Proven Track Record to Build Confidence for an End-to-End CX Platform, Proven CSAT Metrics and Delighting Customers