How to Use Data to Drive Your EV Investment Plans

The era of electric vehicles is upon us—and real investments are following bold pronouncements about EVs. Utilities are serious about meeting this growing consumer demand while simultaneously driving down carbon emissions and earning more revenue by supporting electrified transportation.

In this quickly moving environment, Utility Dive’s studioID surveyed utility professionals to get a better handle on their EV investment plans, the challenges, what’s driving those investments, and the value of improved insights into customer charging behavior and buyer propensity.

In this on-demand webinar, Bidgely Director of Strategy and Growth, Heather Williams, reveals the results of our survey and serves up insights that can guide your utility’s incentives, outreach, resource planning, ratemaking and more, including:

  • Potential data gaps—and their implications
  • Why you should rethink how you use and apply data
  • The transformative power of hyper-personalized data to help you better serve your customers and maintain grid reliability and resilience