PSEG Long Island Leverages Bidgely's Energy AI to Optimize Time-of-Day Rate Rollout


Bidgely began supporting PSEG Long Island’s customer engagement efforts in 2020 with its personalized digital educational alerts and high-bill analyzer tool to help PSEG Long Island customers better manage their energy usage, save on electricity costs, and build a more positive relationship with the utility.

In 2022, Bidgely expanded support to PSEG Long Island’s EV TOD engagement program. The unparalleled accuracy of Bidgely’s AI-powered EV detection allowed the utility to detect over 16,500 EV owners with smart meter data alone. Then, leveraging Bidgely’s personalized email alerts that provided customers with hour-by-hour breakdowns of their charging behavior, PSEG Long Island encouraged more than 2,000 TOD customers to shift 90 percent of their charging to off-peak hours.

Now, PSEG Long Island has expanded its partnership with Bidgely to execute an end-to-end energy efficiency solution that aligns with new time-of-day (TOD) regulatory priorities while continuing to promote significant energy savings and customer engagement. Under this new contract, Bidgely will take over the management of PSEG Long Island’s legacy Home Energy Report (HER) program, bringing additional offerings for electric vehicle (EV) owner engagement, solar detection, load reduction, and TOD rate support.

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