AMI-Driven Insights Report

Advanced Metering Infrastructure is becoming ubiquitous throughout the utility industry, providing many sources of value for utilities and ratepayers. In terms of analytics, in particular, Bidgely as well as utilities and other practitioners have pioneered the use of AMI data and analytics for customer engagement, unlocking insights that were not previously available to help customers understand their consumption and take informed action.

However, the full potential benefits of analyzing this data has not yet been realized. As a result of 10 years of pioneering in load disaggregation and applying artificial intelligence to household consumption data, Bidgely is uniquely placed to help utilities unlock this value. This report is focused on the residential sector, Bidgely’s core area of expertise, though some of the analyses are applicable for other sectors as well.

The goal of this report is to describe and provide examples of how analysis of AMI data can support utilities across core operational use cases. The executive summary describes 5 of these use cases: non-wires-solutions, TOU rate optimization, EV adoption, rooftop PV analysis, demand side management. The rest of the report gives more detail on each use case as well as anonymized examples of analyses performed for utilities around the world. These examples are built from analytics provided by UtilityAITM.