Scaling Demand-Side Flexibility

*This was originally aired as part of GridForward's "Building the Decarbonized Grid" Virtual Summit on June 8, 2021*

Demand Side Resources have long been the most cost-effective solution to energy resource constraints and are often the most cost-effective and flexible solution to decarbonization. The adoption and the deployment of these resources for a decarbonized grid, however, is different from an energy consumption reduction approach, and utilities in the West are working hard to use new technologies and new delivery strategies to enable the way in which customers use electricity in their buildings (can cars) to become a part of the decarbonized grid. The panelists in this session will discuss programs engaging customers in this process and technologies that are becoming the workhorses of flexible building demand and consumption.

  • Jignasa Gadani, FERC – Moderator
  • Tim Treadwell, Portland General Electric
  • Heather Williams, Bidgely
  • Angela Amos, UpLight
  • Scott Blunk, SMUD
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