Secrets of SMB Success: Rocky Mountain Power's Award-Winning CX

On-Demand Webinar

Struggling to crack the SMB code? Explore the pivotal role of Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) in the energy landscape. Rocky Mountain Power, backed by Bidgely's analytics, showcases the impactful journey toward driving higher customer satisfaction and nurturing customer trust.

As the demand for beneficial electrification intensifies and grid resilience becomes paramount, the spotlight is on SMBs. Learn valuable insights on program measurement, results, and utility outcomes, including Rocky Mountain Power's impressive J.D. Power national rank increase from 54th in 2020 to 9th in 2021, and their winning of SECC's 2022 Best Practices Award for Exceptional Small-to-Medium Business Engagement with Bidgely’s Energy Insights.

Watch the recording now to gain actionable learnings to apply to your program portfolios and discover how utilities can unlock significant value in addressing the diverse and wide-ranging SMB market challenges.


- Hannah Courtney, Director of Customer Success, Bidgely

- Barbara Modey, Customer Satisfaction Market Research Manager, Rocky Mountain Power