Southern California Gas Company Case Study with Bidgely

Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) has successfully delivered energy savings and increased their digital engagement with customers through an artificial intelligence (AI) solution for gas customers from Bidgely. While traditional paper-based home energy reports (HERs) target high consumption residential customers, this partnership introduced a first-of-its-kind digital-only program to improve customer engagement and expand savings for medium consumption users

SoCalGas’s deployment of UtilityAITM home energy reports exceeded energy savings goals and yielded cost savings for the utility:

  • 565,000 therms saved by December 2020
  • Digitalization Advantage, with more than 405,000 customers receiving HERs digitally, eliminating paper, and improving outreach
  • Customer Engagement, including 50% open rates, and 81% “Like” ratings from digital communications received
  • Rate Payer Equity, through AMI meter disaggregation, medium consumption customers receive the gold standard in customer experience and savings opportunities