UtilityAITM Field Audits & Call Center: Care

An electric utility serving more than a million customers in the US is leveraging UtilityAI to enhance the value of their smart meter data to optimize operations across departments. The utility selected Bidgely as its partner after an internal study revealed that customers were overwhelmingly in favor of itemizing their bills by their appliance usage. Customers also wanted more granular information about their energy usage and better guidance of actions they need to take to manage their bills. That finding lead to an investment in customer communication designed to 1) yield improvements in overall customer satisfaction, 2) optimize call center operations by reducing time spent on high bill calls and improving the customer experience, and 3) streamline the home audit program by reducing the number of truck rolls required and empowering field technicians to better solve customer pain points when home audits do occur.

In this case study, we explore a call center solution and results for a North American utility.