UtilityAITM Platform Whitepaper

UtilityAITM embodies the artificial intelligence made possible by millions of data points collected via gas and electric AMI and non-smart meters. Patented appliance signature-based disaggregation extracts fingerprints from hourly (or more granular) energy usage data to identify true customer behavior. At the same time, omni-channel digital customer behavior tracking that mirrors the most advanced techniques employed by Netflix and Amazon simultaneously enriches energy usage data. The result is a utility asset with infinite capability to understand, design, relate, forecast and future-proof operations. Explore the latest whitepaper to see:

  • How UtilityAI applies to key utility objectives: HERs, Enterprise Analytics, Gas, SMB/C&I. Marketplace, EV, Decarb and more
  • Customer case studies and proof points for tangible use cases
  • A comprehensive, but practical approach to AI applications for utilities