Decarbonize with Bidgely
Decarbonization Energy Analytics

More than 70 utilities around the country have committed to emission reduction goals that will massively transform our energy ecosystem, including grid moderation, renewable energy generation and flexible demand management.

In order to meet the tall task of 100% adoption of Electric Vehicles, 100% renewable energy generation, and growing energy storage needs, it is imperative that utilities help their customers view this transformation as a shared goal.

Bidgely is introducing customer intelligence that helps measure and reduce carbon emissions, driving customer engagement, awareness and market transformation around critical utility decarbonization goals through a data driven approach.

Help consumers look towards utilities as a first source of info for both energy management and for rebates/discounts when they plan to buy a car, solar, or large appliances like heating, cooling, dryers, water heaters.

Unlock the potential of AMI data to deliver consumers a hyper personalized journey that accounts for their goals with the latest energy management expertise.

Equitable & Scalable
Impact 100% of your customers, release the resource limits of rebate programs which are not scalable as volumes of distributed energy resources increase.


Bidgely’s decarbonization solution unlocks the power of meter data to generate personalized metrics for every customer, combining their electric, water, gas, and transportation related emissions and charts personalized eco journeys to guide customers towards actions that will reduce their carbon footprint, increase their energy efficiency, and save them money, all while supporting a more resilient renewable grid.

No two customers may have the same steps to get to net-zero in their home, but utilities can become their guide. Doing so creates a win-win for customers and utilities, increasing the flexibility of customer demand for renewable energy, electric vehicles, and grid modernization, enabling utilities to take actions that minimize carbon emissions, such eliminating reliance on fossil fuels for peak demand.

Carbon Scoring with the World’s Most Accurate & Actionable Energy Profile

Bidgely’s UtilityAI Solution has the most accurate & comprehensive understanding of customers using the utility's most precise asset: energy data. Bidgely helps calculate emissions for every home and business. Calculating carbon emissions is a complex mechanism. UtilityAI helps consumers quantify the effects of their actions on the environment. Motivating customers with measurable actions will also help utilities reduce carbon, aligning consumers interests with utility goals in a quantified, relatable, personalized way. By measuring carbon reduction Bidgely is able to deliver measured results that utilities can report back to their customers, investors and regulatory stake-holders.

100% Solar & Electric

To get to net-zero faster, at scale and equitably, Bidgely ensures all customers are aware, educated and adopting PV and EVs while also helping customers manage these new resources with smart charging, solar generation estimation & monitoring and more. We’re able to do this with our personalized Eco journeys that are tailored based on EV propensity, solar propensity and 100+ customer attributes. More customers installing solar or taking part in community solar programs help reduce grid congestion and improve overall reliability.

Flexible Load Shaping

Help customers shift their energy consumption to optimize for renewable energy generation (mid-day for solar, seasonal for wind). Bidgely notifies EV customers when they charge at peak times (made possible by our accurate appliance detection & estimation) encouraging them to shift to off-peak times or when renewable energy is more readily available. Bidgely also supports enrollment into demand response or “bring your own thermostat” programs when we detect device changes or AC consumption load patterns that indicate they would be a good fit.

Energy Efficiency &
GreenHouse Gas Reduction

Utilities looking to reduce their GHG emissions may immediately look at their energy efficiency programs. However, decarbonizing actions like buying an EV actually lead to higher energy consumption which is an important distinction to make for customers. Bidgely’s proven digital energy efficiency program brings cost-efficient energy savings at scale for all customers. Because Bidgely is delivering experiences based on the customer's actual load consumption, utilities can identify if and when customers take actions that reduce their energy consumption and/or carbon footprint. Utilities can keep track of their customer’s carbon reduction overall by aggregating the effect from each home for each action taken.

100% Electrification

A key strategy to achieving carbon reductions is utilities’ efforts to move customers from fossil fueled appliances to electric. Bidgely’s True Disaggregation categories (heating, cooling, water heating, refrigeration, lighting, baseload, pool pumps, & electric vehicles) helps customers know which appliances can be replaced with electric high efficiency appliances. Utility program manager’s use this intelligence to accurately make decisions about their rebate programs as a means to reduce state greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and to improve equitable access to quality appliances & clean transportation.


"Over the last decade or so, we’ve seen emissions reductions that were really a result of the actions of a relatively small number of participants, But to get to the kind of emissions reduction we need in the next decade, it’s on us to enable more of the population to participate."


"We want to be that trusted energy advisor for consumers who are thinking about moving down that path, Many of our commercial customers are looking for ways to drive sustainability and support clean energy at their sites. We are looking for dynamic partnerships where we can support our community, sustainability and clean air."


"We’ve set our own pretty aggressive company targets for carbon-free energy, We’re going to need data analytics to forecast how electrification is going to impact the system both in terms of how much energy is used and also what types of rate designs and technology solutions can support clean energy."


"Utilities collect a huge amount of data, but they aren’t great at curating and making sense of that data, and using that data effectively to help consumers hasn’t always been a priority. Most utilities are monopolies, so they haven’t had to compete or get creative on the customer side, but if utilities don’t move to being more customer-centric and give customers more choice, convenience and control, they could be left out in the cold as customers start generating their own electricity and sharing it with each other in the future."