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Bidgely Releases Enhanced Analytics Capabilities to Advance DER Grid Planning, EV Load Management and Flex Demand Outcomes
New features and enhancements offer utilities greater flexibility and agility to manage evolving grid demands

LOS ALTOS, Calif., June 29, 2023 – Bidgely, the leading provider of AI-powered energy intelligence solutions, today announced the release of the next generation of its Analytics Workbench (AWB) platform – AWB 2.0. Using AI and patented disaggregation technology to enrich meter data, Bidgely’s AWB provides detailed insights into energy consumption across the grid.

This release builds on the success of AWB 1.0 and introduces a range of new capabilities that provide utility companies with increased data granularity and flexibility. With AWB 2.0, utilities gain hour-by-hour, day-by-day energy insights, offering bottom-up visibility into their customers' usage patterns at the appliance level. This level of granularity allows utilities to make more informed decisions, and optimize DER Grid Planning and Flexible Demand with the data that they already have. The solution also offers expanded flexibility, with users able to upload their own datasets and create custom segments for more effective data management and faster deployment of utility initiatives.

“Embracing customer data is the most powerful way for utilities to remain agile in today’s dynamic energy landscape,” said Abhay Gupta, CEO of Bidgely. “The industry has long awaited a solution that provides the flexibility and agility to address diverse use cases at the speed of innovation. With AWB 2.0, we have answered that need - empowering utilities to make nimble and precise business decisions that optimize grid planning, maximize load shifting strategies and deploy Non-Wire Alternatives in a faster and more productive way.”

Key new features of AWB 2.0 include:

  • Customizable Segments: AWB 2.0 empowers utilities to import their own datasets directly into the platform, enriching the disaggregated analytics. This functionality enables utilities to create custom segments tailored to their specific needs. For example, utilities looking to enhance their EV programs can filter customers based on EV ownership, then segment by qualified candidates not already enrolled, and engage them with enrollment messaging. Similarly, the utility can monitor how EV charging behavior changes once customers are enrolled in the pilot versus the load shape of EV owners not enrolled. Utilities can further identify which customers are still charging during peak hours in order to target for off-peak load shifting.
  • Expanded Use Case Tabs: AWB 2.0 introduces dedicated tabs for "EV" and "Grid" analytics. The EV tab offers new charts and insights, allowing utilities to assess EV load shapes and understand the impact of EV adoption on the grid. The Grid tab provides comprehensive analysis of the system with 8760 visuals for every asset (transformer, feeder), showcasing minimum, median, and peak demand at the appliance level. The platform facilitates holistic views of grid assets by combining commercial and residential grid data, including Distributed Energy Resources (DERs).
  • Enhanced Load Planning and Query Performance: AWB 2.0 offers an analysis framework that enables users to explore appliance-level consumption through customizable visualizations. It supports annual, monthly, and hourly consumption comparisons, facilitating better customer segmentation, targeting, rate planning, and load planning. The new version also boasts improved performance, with faster load times and query runtimes, ensuring an optimized user experience.

With one comprehensive platform, AWB 2.0 allows utilities to design and plan their grids more effectively by understanding customer consumption patterns and their potential for demand reduction and shifting.

With this release, Bidgely reaffirms its commitment to empowering utilities with cutting-edge analytics solutions that enable data-driven decision-making and advance utilities’ grid optimization initiatives.

To learn how Bidgely’s AWB 2.0 enables utilities to perform meaningful analysis of consumption data, read The Power of Smarter Data In Utilities. For a deeper look into AWB 2.0 for more accurate load forecasting and grid planning, read Enabling Demand Flexibility Through Data.

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