Future Ready Insights: Data is the New Oil

Digital transformation is underway in the countries of the Gulf Cooperative Council, and clearly, data is the new oil.

Saudi Arabia has rapidly deployed 10M smart meters in one and a half years. United Arab Emirates is deploying both smart electric and water meters. Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Oman and more are turning to AMI data to transform the management of their most precious resources ... energy and water.

They are moving rapidly to not only capture smart meter data, but also to put it to use in areas such as:

  • Energy efficiency to enable citizens to understand their energy consumption and how to personally save energy
  • Better engagement to boost program adoption, better targeting and better recruitment
  • Digital transformation to connect and streamline operations at scale
  • Grid-side value through mapping consumers to transformers, feeders, or substations

These outcomes are now possible thanks to AMI data, and AI-powered energy intelligence is helping these countries use their new smart meter data to make these goals a reality.