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UtilityAI™ Solutions

Optimize shareholder value. Personalize customer engagement.
Modernize the grid.

Reduce Cost to Serve

Over 50% reduction in high bill calls and increased customer satisfaction
Reduce Cost to Serve


Proactive outreach -- with personalized communications like bill projections, detailed usage summaries, and seasonal alerts -- can help customers stay on top of their energy consumption and spending.


Bidgely’s Bill Analyzer tool provides CSRs with specific appliance-level insights on each customer, so that when customers do reach out for help, they experience a faster, more personalized resolution to their call.

Generate New Revenue

Go beyond marketplaces to generate new sources of revenue. UtilityAI™ gives you the insights to launch new initiatives such as appliance warranty, preventative or seasonable maintenance, electrification, new products and more.

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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Drive tangible customer satisfaction at scale through personalized programs such as customized Home Energy Reports, Smart Bills, Smart Home energy control, and proactive alerts.

Get results, such as 90% customer Likes, 45% repeat open rates, and higher JD Power CSAT rankings. Engage with your customer where they are, with an omni-channel communications approach.

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Increase DSM Savings

Bidgely’s comprehensive approach to DSM centers around four key elements:
iHER – Bidgely’s iHER programs layer digital communications on top of traditional paper reports
Audit Programs – Bidgely’s industry-leading disaggregation shortens survey question requirements and increases completions
Low Income – Bidgely’s omni-channel communications approach means that every segment of the population receives the most relevant communications
Insights Engine – Bidgely leverages its AI-powered Insights Engine, enabling utilities to identify the best target homes for each program or offer.

Orchestrate DERs

As role of the utility evolves, orchestrating DERs without load-level intelligence and insights will be like shooting in the dark.

Power your DER programs and management solutions with energy intelligence, advanced analytics, and appliance insights, to understand, plan, and control DERs and the smart home in a world of digital transformation.

Increase Grid Stability

Data, Digitalization, and DER are impacting your grid planning, operations, and reliability.

In a customer-centric world, where smart homes have become virtual power plants and distributed generation sources, getting targeted insights from your data is key to a forward-looking grid strategy.