Bidgely created Analytics Workbench to enable utilities to use their data in a fully self-serve and holistic manner. Not just for a single specific use case, but in a flexible manner across multiple groups. AWB can be a single source of truth for a utility across DSM, marketing, M&V, planning, and load research.

Learn how Bidgely’s technology extends and enriches your data set using AMI or non-smart meter data, and disaggregates it to derive appliance-level details for each customer’s energy usage.

Customer Segmentation
and Targeting

Avoid blanket marketing or marketing to the wrong audience for energy efficiency, demand response or revenue expansion programs. Quickly run analyses across your customer base with the deepest insights on customer behavior and appliance usage in order to make key decisions around your program plans, offerings, and engagement strategy.

  • Segment customers by appliance ownership, fuel type, total usage, time of usage and lifestyles
  • Target top candidates for electrification initiatives: Customers with gas-fueled space heating and water heating, customers with high propensity
  • Target top candidates for energy efficiency programs: Customers in specific locations who have relatively inefficient specific appliances
  • Target top candidates for demand response programs. For example: who is using the most amount of heating or cooling or pool pump or EV in peak hours

Load Research

Improve accuracy by using your full customer data as a data set rather than small samplings of metered homes or surveys to inform your load curves. Automate and enrich your load research with a full view of end use analysis, customer and rate types, and load curves.

  • Compare load shapes across customer segments, geographies, or time periods
  • Identify temperature impacts on end use
  • Extract over 8760 data points for any slice or segment of customers
  • Save thousands of hours of time spent on manual analysis that becomes obsolete

EV Analytics

Leverage AMI data to get a 360 view of EV ownership, charging level and time of charging across customers on your grid. Bidgely is proven to be more accurate and precise than DMV data or customer surveys that are prone to biases.

  • Detect who has EVs and analyze consumption patterns, charging level and peak charging customers
  • Run EV analysis on the presence, growth, geographic concentration, and load impacts of EVs
  • Optimize your EV programs, and create targeted personalized programs to enroll EV owners into TOU rates or managed charging

Grid Planning

Incorporate the presence of renewable and EV assets on your grid. Quickly understand impacts, trends and potential of appliance adoption, energy efficiency, load shifting, DERs and electrification. Feed the most accurate customer demand data into your ADMS to prepare for the renewables future.

  • Map grid assets and identify constraints and hot-spots in order to predict failure or operations change needs
  • Understand capacity utilization on your feeders, substations and distribution transmissions
  • Run NWA analysis: Overlay load-constrained assets with load reduction and load shifting opportunities

Rate Design

Make data driven decisions around rate design and speed up your regulatory filings. Usage data exposes how well customers are leveraging existing rates and what opportunities there are to maximize comfort and costs.

  • Run rate analysis: Compare your rate classes against one another in terms of load shapes and cost to serve
  • Design rates: Estimate changes in load shape from rate adoption
  • Identify top candidates for rate promotion and adoption: Determine the best available rate for each customer

Real Time Continuous Program Measurement

Use data to drive more successful and agile programs. Don’t wait until a program is over to measure and verify success.

  • Analyze ongoing programs, such as energy efficiency programs, to evaluate success and identify areas for improvement
  • Evaluate programs over time
  • Evaluate treatment vs control or segments against one another

Bidgely's Platform and
Delivery Model

The Bidgely analytics data enriches the utility’s customer-facing and grid-facing data sets with extremely granular energy-specific attributes. This can be delivered to your business analysts in three ways:

Easily Customizable
Exportable Reports

Export into your data lake or marketing automation system to allow your data analysts to acquire super data power in their analysis.

Analytics Workbench
Business Intelligence Tool

A BI tool for your business managers to slice and dice the data and run on-demand target lists of segmented customers into your desired marketing engines.

API Integration into
Existing Platforms

Establish automated calls for relevant energy insights within your grid management, business intelligence, and marketing automation to centralize decision making.


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