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Thoroughly Modern Metrics: 4 Utility Stories of Optimization via Data

September 24, 2018
Modern business intelligence (BI) tools are helping companies across industries optimize many aspects of their operations. As these tools become increasingly powerful and user-friendly, the benefits of faster, more insightful reporting and analytics will accrue to those who are best able to benefit from these insights. For utilities, the combination of digitalization and modern metrics ...

Smart homes think hard about your power bill

May 23, 2018
Origin Energy has partnered with Silicon Valley power start-up Bidgely to bring its Appliance Cost Breakdown service to Australia, letting customers monitor the electricity usage of individual household appliances without the need to install sensors on every power-hungry device in the home.

Ten Winners of the New Energy Pioneers Unveiled at Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit in New York City

April 9, 2018
Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) is pleased to announce its selection of the 2018 New Energy Pioneers – innovators that are revolutionizing the energy, transport, and technology sectors. The winners (listed below) are responding to changes and disruption in the energy system, and are pursuing new opportunities in areas as diverse as storage, EV charging, digitalization, ...

NV Energy taps Bidgely to help reinvent home audit

February 21, 2018
NV Energy has selected Bidgely to help it personalize offerings and reinvent its home assessment, leveraging the company’s cloud-based machine learning tools to improve customer experiences. The Nevada utility will utilize several services offered by Bidgely including appliance disaggregation, home assessment surveys, a field auditor tool, and customer service enhancements.

Utility leverages AI to enhance customer engagement experience

February 20, 2018
Nevada based, investor owned utility NV Energy, has partnered with Bidgely to boost customer engagement and help customers save money on energy use. Utilising the technology while offering premium energy efficiency tools, NV Energy focuses on enhancing the customer engagement experience. The company is leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to bring personalised energy-saving recommendations ...

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