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Bidgely Platform V3 Leverages Disaggregation and Big Data Footprint to Reach 100% of Homes

June 27, 2017
Bidgely, the world leader in disaggregation-based solutions for utilities, has launched the next evolution in the company’s consumer engagement platform. The Bidgely Platform V3 introduces significant new features including Universal Disaggregation, which extends energy usage itemization to all homes, with or without a smart meter. This equates to 100 million homes in the U.S. alone ...

Chubu Electric Power Selects Bidgely for Modern Customer Engagement Initiative

April 25, 2017
Bidgely and leading Japanese utility Chubu Electric Power are working together to become the first to bring residential disaggregation technology to Japan. The partnership is part of an enhanced customer engagement strategy underway at Chubu that seeks to incorporate innovative digital technologies into the utility’s service offerings.

Bidgely on Track to Serve Over Two Million Homes by Mid-Year 2017

January 24, 2017
The company completed a strong year of business growth in 2016 with several multi-million dollar contracts, including sales of an alerts system to one of the largest utilities in the U.S., the HomeBeat mobile app to a large mid-Western IOU, and a disaggregation-powered consumer audit to another large IOU.

London Hydro Customers Leverage Bidgely HomeBeat via Cloud-Based Green Button Connect My Data Platform

December 16, 2016
Bidgely, innovator of the award-winning HomeBeat platform and London Hydro, a utility leader in the deployment of Green Button solutions, today announced findings from London Hydro’s digital customer behavioral energy efficiency program.

Bidgely Advances Disaggregation Solution with Total Home Energy Itemization

August 2, 2016
Bidgely continues to advance its award-winning HomeBeat platform with the launch of a new comprehensive full-bill disaggregation solution, which provides total home energy itemization for utility customers. For the first time, customers receive fully itemized breakdowns of both their electricity and gas usage in one bill, thereby creating greater insights for customers and new engagement ...

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Bidgely survey links customer loyalty to digital services

July 17, 2019
European and British residential energy customers provide feedback in Bidgely survey that links customer loyalty to digital services.

New study reveals strategies for utility customer retention

July 16, 2019
More than 40% of European and British residential utility customers are likely to stay with their current energy retailer if provided personalised and tailored services, according to a new report from Bidgely.

Over 41 GWh of Energy Savings with AI Reporting Solution

July 3, 2019
AI Home Energy Reports solution enables Rocky Mountain Power to save energy equivalent to eliminating carbon dioxide emissions from more than 31 million pounds of coal burned.

Bidgely CEO Gupta explains growing value of AI

June 27, 2019
In this article, Bidgely’s CEO – Abhay Gupta, explains the growing value of AI in today’s energy landscape.

Utility saves 41GWh using energy reporting for non-AMI customers

June 27, 2019
US energy provider Rocky Mountain Power has saved over 41GWh in one year by employing analytics for its non-smart meter customers.