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An Expert in Every Home – Using AI to Improve Customer Support

October 31, 2019
Each year the consulting firm Deloitte surveys hundreds of companies about their customer service strategies and future plans. In its most recent survey of 450 customer contact leaders around the world Deloitte found that artificial intelligence is very much in their future plans: indeed, fully 56% of respondents said they have plans to invest in AI.

Right Person, Right Message – The value of AI for optimizing utility programs

October 31, 2019
Smart thermostats, efficient appliances, distributed energy resources and other advanced technologies are rapidly transforming the global utility industry. Yet the approach many North American utilities take to get customers to sign-up for various demand side management (DSM) programs doesn’t take advantage of cutting-edge technology and data analytics.

Happy Customers Equals Happy Utilities – How utilities can leverage AI for customer satisfaction and engagement

October 30, 2019
Every company in every industry cares deeply about cultivating highly satisfied and engaged customers. It’s the sort of statement that seems so obviously self-evident that it’s not worth uttering.

Our Electric Future – How electrification benefits customers and utilities – and how AI can help

October 30, 2019
There are few things in this complex, opinionated and messy world that can be categorized as universally positive. There’s a strong argument to be made that increased electrification is one.

Utility 2.0 – How AI can transform everything from utilities’ customer engagement to their operations

October 29, 2019
At the biggest-picture level, AI is simply the capacity of machines and computers to mimic human behavior. Underneath that big umbrella definition, though, are machine learning technologies and sophisticated algorithms that help machines and computers work smarter and more effectively than us mere mortals.  Abhay Gupta, CEO of Bidgely, discusses how AI can transform the ...

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