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Global Utilities Join Target, Softbank at Premier Artificial Intelligence Energy Event Bidgely Engage 2019

August 13, 2019
Engage 2019 held September 11-13 in Napa, Calif., is utility AI leader Bidgely’s third annual event that brings together utilities, AI experts and tech leaders to discuss applied AI for the energy industry, as well as to enjoy networking in California’s legendary wine country.

Bidgely AMI-Driven Insights Report Reveals Analyses from Utility Artificial Intelligence Deployments

August 1, 2019
The Bidgely AMI-Driven Insights Report provides concrete examples of how applying artificial intelligence to AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) data can support utilities across core operational use cases, such as electric vehicle (EV) adoption, non-wires solutions (NWS) and demand-side management (DSM).

Over 40% of Europeans Likely to Stay With Their Utility if Equipped With AI-Driven Personalisation and Tailored Energy Services

July 16, 2019
Bidgely Voice of Your Customer Report: Europe 2019 reveals strategies for utility customer retention, reducing cost-to-serve and driving customer loyalty

Bidgely to Discuss Artificial Intelligence’s Role in Future of Energy Industry at EEI 2019 Convention

June 5, 2019
CEO Abhay Gupta joins panelists from Google, Siemens and more for Power Hour session

Bidgely Insights Engine Brings Augmented Business Intelligence to Utilities

April 30, 2019
AI-powered Insights Engine leverages energy data for intelligent grid analysis, customer segmentation and outreach

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Teach, earn, change the world

December 13, 2019
We have already told you many times that each of you reading this post can teach artificial intelligence by yourself. We have come up with templates and programs that will allow anyone to do it without experience and without professional knowledge. And the most important thing is that we offer you to earn on it!

Bidgely touts latest version of UtilityAI platform

December 11, 2019
Bidgely introduced yesterday the latest version of its UtilityAI Platform for delivering a personalized energy experience to its customers.

AMI-Driven Insights for Personalizing Utility Programs

November 11, 2019
Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is becoming ubiquitous throughout the utility industry, providing many sources of value for both utilities and ratepayers as utilities unlock previously unavailable insights to help customers understand their consumption and use that information to take action.

The Power of AI to Democratize Energy Savings – Better data visibility can help ensure utility programs make an impact across the economic spectrum

November 1, 2019
A recent study by the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) put hard numbers to a conclusion many utilities and regulators have already reached: the potential savings offered by utility-funded energy efficiency programs are not reaching the customers who could benefit the most.

An Expert in Every Home – Using AI to Improve Customer Support

October 31, 2019
Each year the consulting firm Deloitte surveys hundreds of companies about their customer service strategies and future plans. In its most recent survey of 450 customer contact leaders around the world Deloitte found that artificial intelligence is very much in their future plans: indeed, fully 56% of respondents said they have plans to invest in AI.