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Fresh Energy: The Powerful Electricity Provider

February 16, 2018
Fresh Energy uses technology from the US company Bidgely for its services, which enables disaggregation ­- i.e. the breakdown of power consumption.

Silicon Valley Developer of Power Use App Raises $27 Million

January 16, 2018
A Silicon Valley company that developed an application to help people manage their utility bills and energy use has raised $27 million in what it’s describing as the largest round of funding for a business of its kind.

Bidgely Raises $27 Million to Scale Energy Disaggregation for Utilities

January 16, 2018
Bidgely, the startup that combines energy disaggregation technology with utility customer connectivity, has raised a $27 million Series C round to help it serve more than 10 million homes with a blend of efficiency reports, energy usage alerts, and home energy audits.

Sparking change: what Tesla’s Model 3 could mean for electric utilities

August 9, 2017
Beyond the challenges of developing the hardware, partnerships and operational programs to accommodate EV, influencing the adoption of the infrastructure will be a large part of the challenge. A compelling solution to this problem is to develop an engaged customer base will enable utilities to brand themselves as preferred EV infrastructure providers and, similarly, ...

Origin Energy putting customers in the picture on use

August 6, 2017
Energy giant Origin will roll out new technology allowing customers to track which appliances in their homes are using power as part of a deepening trend that sees retailers working more closely with consumers. In partnership with American firm Bidgely, Origin will shortly begin trialling the new solution with 5000 customers in Victoria so they can see where ...

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